December 18th 2010

Light's Out is finally on OCR!

What a review! Thanks guys. <3

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April 15th 2010

Readers of the newsletter already know all this but for those of you who aren't subscribers...

1. We recently opened a shop over at Cafe press where you can now buy Game Over tshirts, posters and other GO related stuff. Check out the Order page to see a picture of one of our biggest fans wearing a shirt.

2. There's a new Youtube video for Light's Out: Mega Man remix. This is also our official Youtube channel.

3. Game Over now has a Facebook group at We would appreciate you as a fan!

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April 3rd 2010

Game Over are extremely happy to announce the release of our much longed-for song - Light's Out. This is, as you hopefully going to hear, a reinterpretation of the Cut Man theme from Mega Man.

We started working on this song a loooong time ago. The arrangement was made in the car during a US roadtrip (I think somewhere between Nebraska and Illinois).  Guitars were then recorded at Wire's summerhouse. The amp was inside the cabin but the loud volume forced her to run outside during the takes where she sat down on a rotted bench that even fell apart during one take. All members except Wire got replaced before the song was finished. Bassist Dasaten and vocalist Juggler hereby make their debut. Make sure you give them some props!

This song is the beginning of a new era for Game Over. We hope you will enjoy this simpler and rawer sound of ours. NESperado was quite epic and a lot of times with that album we bit off more than we could chew. With Light's Out we wanted to go for a more minimalistic approach but still pay close attention to the details. Doing Cut Man was a greater challenge than we could've ever imagined. Crazy syncopation (feel the groove? :)) made for many guitar takes, mind-boggling drum beats and grueling lyric writing; vocal melodies involved some high notes that weren't the easiest to pull off.

The lyrics tell the story from Mega Man's perspective. Abandoned by Dr. Light he realizes he has been used merely as a tool. As he's dying he expresses his bitterness and disappointment towards his creator who he once trusted. These
lyrics were inspired by Metallica's songs about the Vietnam war, such as Disposable Heroes.

Enjoy this eleventh Game Over song! We can assure you that we put all our video game love in it.

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February 2nd 2010

Game Over are happy to announce that we have a new vocalist. His name is Marcus Carln but you can call him Juggler.

He has already recorded vocals for our new song and what can we say? It sounds awesome! Mixing and mastering is underway.

We are already working on a second song. These songs will be available for free download on our homepage.

If you're curious of what Juggler sounds like, go to his other band, Cheap Superheroes where hes one of two lead vocalists:

Or his personal MySpace:

There's already a pic of him in the member section here on Personal info will appear shortly.

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July 8th 2009

Today we uploaded a really old version of our Punch Out!! cover, Little Mac's Confession to  Game Over's MySpace account! This version is sung by Antichristine who did all the vocal melodies on the first album. The song was recorded so that Tim would know how to sing his parts when the time came for him to enter the studio.

We thought this might be a fun thing to do and that a few of you would find it amusing. There may be some sound bugs due to a hard disk crash in the past plus this version was never mixed or mastered. Also there's no solo so feel free to add your own!  :P


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April 7th 2009

Transylvanian Temptation has now been posted to OCR:


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March 11th 2009

Shawn Phase from Temp Sound Solutions recently released a new album called Now You're Playing With Powar 8: This Is Where I Usually Die. Wire plays guitar on track 7 - a cover of the music from the game Gimmick!.

Temp Sound Solutions web page

A review of the album

Temp Sound Solutions has unprecedented cult-status in the video game music cover community. If you haven't heard them yet you really should check them out.

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February 27th 2009

New homepage is up! Plus the full download of Transylvanian Temptation is now available. Wohooo!

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February 25th 2009

Maybe we forgot to tell you about this little project of ours, but for the longest time we weren't sure it was actually going to happen. About a year ago we decided to remix and remaster Transylvanian Temptation. So we did and added new drums and synths to boot.

A sneak-peak world premier can now be heard over at Spelradion!

The song will later be available for download on our homepage.

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February 5th 2009

Game Over is now on Twitter (chirp chirp hehe). Feel free to follow us:

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January 7th 2009

Felinity, Wire's pop project, now has its own Myspace page at Go ahead and add us as your friend or just take a listen to our songs!

The past two years a lot of people have asked about this little band of ours, so we're happy to inform you that the songs have finally been put up for public download!

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May 25th 2008

No news is good news. What, don't you agree? *Sigh* well, neither do we. We know that updates to this news page have been sparse. All we can say is, a lot is happening behind the scenes but for several reasons we can't make any of this official.

In the meantime you could always take a listen to this podcast where Wire was a guest last week:

The cast is about video games (duh) and it's in Swedish.

Check in here every now and then for "real" news.

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January 11th 2008

Swedish trade union paper Dagens Arbete published an article about Wire in their latest issue.

Here's the link to the digital version. Go to page 44.
Sadly, it's in Swedish but we thought we should post it anyway.

Also, GOD that picture of Wire is terrible, what were they thinking??? (No offense, dear photographer).

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November 21st 2007

We're already about to send out a newsletter about this but for all of you who aren't subscribers (lamers! :P), we're posting the news here on the board as well.

This Saturday Wire was interviewed for a Swedish podcast: Spelradion. The show was posted today and here's the direct link to the episode she was in, in case you're late reading this post and have difficulties finding it. She talks about Game Over in particular and discusses new games in general with the two hosts.
We recommend you to continue tuning in to this show in the future as it's updated once a week.

Also, it is now settled: Wire is going to MAGFest. Alone, sadly. But she's looking forward to a great time - perhaps with you? If you're a fan of videogames and videogame music you should really consider attending this event. It will be held at a Hilton hotel in Washington DC on January 3-6 2008 and there will be videogame rock concerts, seminars and competitions among other things. Not to mention mingling and partying with nerds as awesome as yourself! Go to their official homepage at to find out more.

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September 4th 2007

Game Over are happy to inform you that we are working on a new song - a cover of the Cut Man theme from Mega Man. Wire has rebuilt a 10 m2 cabin into a ghetto studio and uses a mic:ed up Marshall 100 W Valvestate for the recording of the guitars. This marks the beginning of a rawer, heavier yet rockier less-is-more kind of era in Game Over's career. We can't say exactly when you will get to hear this new creation of ours since the lyrics aren't finished yet (we're working on them though), but yeah... we just thought you wanted to know.

Oh, and there's another thing that should be mentioned while we're at it. As NESperado was released Wire decided to lose her "last name", McQuaid. We forgot to mention this officially as we didn't find it very important. But now you know.
McQuaid came from an early episode of the 90's tv series 21 Jump Street where two undercover cops played the roles of annoying gang members. Very funny and inspiring when you're 15, not very relevant today, let alone to Game Over.

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August 19th 2007

We're having some problems with printing services again and therefore some of the demo orders have been delayed. So you don't have to send us e-mails reminding us about shipping your CDs. Everything is under control, it's just a delay. We have most likely received your order and will take care of it.

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June 25th 2007

A new Swedish book about women and video gaming recently came out and it has an interview with Wire along with pics of her and both the Game Over CD covers.
It's mainly a photo book and the title is Game On! It features interviews with 11 gamer girls with pictures of each one of them. 

Here's a link:

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May 22nd 2007

Brendan Becker, a.k.a. Mr. MAGFest, the owner of the Music And Gaming Festival will be handeling printing and shipping for non-European demo orders from now on. So don't be surprised when you order and see a PayPal address that isn't Game Over's.
Gratitude is an understatement for what I feel about him taking on this heavy task.

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May 10th 2007

I don't have any real news so I'm just going to post this link with 10 pics from my US trip. They're all of famous OCR:ers so no boring sceneries and stuff.

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February 17th 2007

On Sunday I (Wire) will be leaving for Washington DC. There I will be picked up by Mr. MAGFest to go on a US roadtrip for a month.

We will visit a lot of places throughout the entire country and we will be staying at the houses of some of the many celebrities in the vg remix community.

If you are one of them or you know them or Mr. MAGFest, then maybe I'll see you soon!

Check out our road trip route map

Demo orders sent after February 18th will be taken care of when I get back on the 18th of March. E-mail replies can also take a little longer than usual.

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December 14th 2006

New item available at our web shop (click on Order CD:s & stuff) - Game Over "The Dark Side of the Triforce" pins!

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November 8th 2006

The email issue has been resolved.
If you've emailed us within the last week and haven't received a response, please contact us again.
And if something like this happens again, please contact us here on the board, preferably in the Bug Thread.

(The weird thing about all this is that I kept receiving spam - yes, to the address. Btw, I get loads of Japanese spam mail for some reason. LOL! What about you, Tim and Zoid?)

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November 6th 2006

All e-mail forwarding on the site is down. This means you can't e-mail us on the regular addresses. I logged in to the site account today and saw that all the aliases and forwarding addresses had been deleted! Perfect... just perfect. :cry:
So until they're up again, please use the forum to contact us. (For private e-mails use forum private messages.)

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October 31st 2006

Finally! The pics (and video) from the NESperado release party are now available on the homepage.

Click here to take a look!

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October 23rd

Because of all the problems with CD and t-shirt printing some orders were delayed to such an extent that some of the recipients had moved. Some packages have therefore bounced back.
If you haven't received your stuff and you have changed your address without forwarding the mail, send us an email (

Btw, all printing problems are finally solved so from now on there should be no more delays!

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October 10th 2006

Wire's blog from last year (Misc. section) has now been posted on our MySpace profile ( So if you haven't read it, now's the time. Or not. ;P

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September 5th 2006

The new issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly Turkey has an article about Game Over and an interview with Wire. So if you live in Turkey (or know Turkish), get your copy now! ; )

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August 1st 2006

Some prices on CD:s are raised, some are unchanged. We had to raise some of the prices since we're now working with a much more expensive printing method. We didn't want to do this, we were rather forced to make this change. But we're sure the new inlays will look fantastic!

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July 25th 2006

Hyrule's Angel (The Sleeping Beauty) is now downloadable on our site as well. Go to the 'Downloads' section for a 160kbit version. (The version on OCR is 128kbit.)

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July 16th 2006

OMG we're on OCRemix!!! (right-click and open in new window)

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July 11th 2006

We've come across a problem with the printer service and thus the CD:s have been delayed. We're very sorry about this and we'll try to solve the problem asap.
So be calm and don't send us hate mails (noone has yet but I figure they could come

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July 3rd 2006

Time for:

We're celebrating the release of NESperado (one and a half months too late, hehe) this Saturday (8th of July). Pictures from this event will hopefully be put up later on the homepage. If you live in Stockholm, it's possible to join us. Here's how (information in Swedish):

Efter festen för de särskilt inbjudna gästerna kommer vi att dra till rockpuben Harry B James på Regeringsgatan 47, gissningsvis omkring kl. 22. Denna kväll står nämligen Zoid i dj-båset. Är du där denna kväll, gå fram till oss och säg "NESperado" så får du en NESperado-skiva (förmodligen utan inlay tyvärr) och en Game Over-pin (kommer snart finnas till försäljning på hemsidan). Ni känner igen oss på Game Over-tröjorna med "Nintendo Metal is the law" på ryggen.

(For those of you who are curious, people can meet up with us at a pub and receive a pin and a CD.)

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June 15th

We're waiting for OCReMix to post our Zelda song (if they take it in, we really hope so), but take a look at their queue. It's gigantic, so we can't expect anything for the nearest 2-3 months or so.
It feels bad not to have anything to offer in the meantime, so here's a new preview from Addicted to Vengeance. Enjoy! (or not lol)

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May 31st 2006

There's now tablature for Siege at Monsteropolis! Go to Misc. section, then click on tabs. (Or click here).

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May 23rd 2006

To all of you who ordered stuff from us: Don't panic! Your orders will be taken care of. You will not receive an order confirmation mail.

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May 14th 2006

We now have a Myspace account (thanks a lot, Trows, for the style design and the initiative). It's at We know there are other Game Over myspace accounts out there, but this one is the official.
And we've got some questions about our prices on t-shirts and CD:s. We can guarantee that they are non-profitable.

Take a look at our t-shirt budget:
Printing + t-shirt: about $11 (screen printing film per t-shirt $6.95)
Postage cost: about $12
The extra 2 dollars are for PayPal costs/credit card costs (Wire has a VISA card for this purpose only) and in case the dollar goes down again.
Still think it sounds weird? Then we have to remember that the Dollar value fell hard in comparision to the Swedish krona around 2002 from 10 SEK to 6-7.20 SEK where it has stayed for a while now. And unfortunately the t-shirt weights about 260 g which means it passes the 250 g postage limit. In 2002 the Swedish postal service removed the Economy letter service for letters sent outside of Sweden which affected our prices as well.
We hope you're pleased with this explanation.

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May 12th 2006

OUR NEW DEMO, NESPERADO, IS OUT!!!!!!! Can you believe it?
And we've got rid of all the scripts from worthless webmaster service pages. We now have our own server for guestbook, forum etc. (thanks a lot, Richter!). We know there have been problems with those before but we now hope they will work fine. If you use Firefox and there's problems with this major update (broken links etc.) try clearing your cache. We've gone through the entire homepage a couple of times and it should work.

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