Juggler - Vocals

Favorite game: Dragon Age: Origins
Source of inspiration: Jørn Lande Listens to: Alter Bridge
Worthless fact: He's the only one in his family with brown eyes
Famous quote: "And THAT will make you happy!"

Wire - Guitar

Favorite game: Phoenix Wright
Source of inspiration: Criss Oliva
Listens to: Nevermore
Worthless fact: She can eat tons of food without gaining a pound. Famous quote: "If life gives you lemons, get salt and tequila."

Dasaten - bass

Favorite game: Final Fantasy VI
Source of inspiration: Victor Wooten
Listens to: NSFs and SPCs
Worthless fact: He can burp louder than anyone you've ever met.
Famous quote: "Fuck art."

Egg - drums

Favorite game: Might and Magic Source of inspiration: Old school metal
Listens to: Blue Öyster Cult
Worthless fact: He has no cartilage in his left nostril.
Famous quote: "When life stinks, hold your breath."

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