Music: Manami Matsumae, Yoshihiro Sakaguchi
Lyrics: Wire

In my hour of distress
I suffer in my lonliness
Hanging on by a thread
Not a sound but the blood pounding in my head

You left me without a trace
Treated me like a disgrace
My life
Is slowly fading away
As it flashes before my eyes I feel betrayed

Go to war
Fight 'til you can't fight no more
That's what it's all about
When the veils of darkness surround you
Light's Out!

We fought the battle side by side
Against creations you denied
Was just an army of one
Indoctrinated machine was what I had become

A servant at your beck and call
Loyal, always standing tall
A pawn
Bred to lay down my soul
Lacerated and wasted, left out in the cold


Chorus 2:
Go to war
Fight 'til you can't fight no more
Death's what it's all about
I feel the veils of darkness around me
The image of you as the enemy
Light's out I bid my farewell to the world