Music: Akito Nakatsuka, Kenji Yamamoto, Yukio Kaneoka
Lyrics: Wire

Doc, I know I've let you down
'Cause you counted on me
But David beating Goliath
Just wasn't meant to be

What's my Star
Compared to Dynamite?
A quite pathetic fight
Let's keep it clean, Punch out!!

Mr. Dream had turned into a nightmare
His fists had a taste of steel
I flinched from his assaulting
Apprehensions became real

chorus 2:
Some hooks
A barrage of his claws
My heart-beats took a pause
Let's keep it clean, Punch out!!

So thick, the darkness that surrounds
I entered the dreamless rest
The KO countdown faded
As I greeted unconsciousness

Forgive me for failing you
I desillusioned you
My best
Just wasn't good enough