Here we present links related to the band. People we work with, video game music pages and music equipment pages.

Homepages of friends and people involved in the project:

Video game music pages:

  • Video game music archive
    You can download some of the best Nintendo tunes in midi format from this page.

  • OverClocked ReMix
    A website with various remixes of video game music from talented musicians the world over. Game Over is now represented there with the Punch Out!! cover Little Mac's Confession, Mega Man 3 cover Cataclysmic Clash and Zelda cover Hyrule's Angel (The Sleeping Beauty).

  • Galbadia Hotel
    A video game music and media resource. Probably the best out there.

  • Zophar
    Tons of games, video game soundtracks and more on this site.

    Download soundtracks to Super Nintendo games. Will play in Winamp with special plugin.

Music equipment:

  • Jackson Guitars
    Wire owns a Jackson ATX in black metallic, what did you expect?

  • Conkling Groove Tools
    Dasaten uses and abuses a Groove Tools bass guitar from Conkling - because 24 frets will turn him on.

  • M-Audio
    Wire's life wouldn't be the same without products from M-Audio.

  • Roland
    Egg says the Roland TD-3 drum kit is the sheeeit.

  • Marshall
    Wire will blow out your ears with Marshall Valvestate, just for the sake of it.