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: July 8th 2009
: Wire July 08, 2009, 08:08:54 AM
Today we uploaded a really old version of our Punch Out!! cover, Little Mac's Confession to  Game Over's MySpace account (! This version is sung by Antichristine who did all the vocal melodies on the first album. The song was recorded so that Tim would know how to sing his parts when the time came for him to enter the studio.

We thought this might be a fun thing to do and that a few of you would find it amusing. There may be some sound bugs due to a hard disk crash in the past plus this version was never mixed or mastered. Also there's no solo so feel free to add your own!  :P


: Re: July 8th 2009
: Shyguy November 25, 2009, 06:35:45 AM
I missed this one :) It´s very nice to hear the demo, her lead vocals makes you sound a bit like... Crusified Barbara? (Ok, I don´t know any good metal bands with female vocalist  :( ) Cool to hear the subtile changes Tim made during his execusion of the song too!

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