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: April 7th 2009
: Wire April 07, 2009, 04:34:07 AM
Transylvanian Temptation has now been posted to OCR: (


: Re: April 7th 2009
: 35007 April 12, 2009, 11:49:07 AM
Listening to it right now, and it sounds good. Really good! :D

But I have two suggestions.

A bit heavier on the drums would have made it harder / heavier and speed up the tempo in the beginning a bit so it matches the middle / end of the song.

But I loooove the synth! It makes me think of Deep Purple's "Child in time". ;)

Grymt jobbat / Great job!

: Re: April 7th 2009
: Wire April 12, 2009, 02:30:06 PM
Four tempo changes - phew. Why make it hard when you could've made things so much easier? Well, the beginning is supposed to set a relaxed, lecherous tone. This goes along well with Dracula's seduction of Simon Belomont. While the second part has more of a "Dracula-goes-insane" theme. I guess Tim's voice is supposed to symbolize the voice of Simon while Zoid plays the role of Dracula.

So, two men, on a hunt! For each other. The first part is a hunt for (painful) sex where Simon Belmont has the upper hand. In the second part Dracula has turned the tables on Simon and instead is on a hunt for blood. Very deep, LOL!

Child in Time... yeah! Haha. Hadn't even heard that one before.

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