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: February 27th 2009
: Wire February 27, 2009, 09:20:25 AM
New homepage is up! Plus the full download of Transylvanian Temptation is now available. Wohooo!

: Re: February 27th 2009
: comicchaser February 27, 2009, 03:29:17 PM
New homepage looks nice.
Great to see you're still in the game.
But the link for the remastered version of TT seems to be broken.  :'(

: Re: February 27th 2009
: Shyguy February 27, 2009, 03:36:37 PM
Whoa, this sounds GOOD! I didn´t expect to hear it so soon! The new Transa is a great improvement over the old demo.

I complained a bit over Tim´s voicework and I take it all back. With a proper mix, he sounds just like the awesome metal vocalist he is. Apart from that, your guitar riffs benefit a lot from the mixing as well.

I don´t know if Dasaten became your bassist in time for this song, but he is a great addition! I´ve always thought the highlight of his remixes is the groovy bass! Egg does a fine job too, and I´m relieved Zoid´s growl is still there! The song just wouldn´t be the same without it.

The choice of synth makes the song cleaner like you wanted, but I kind of liked the old one too. Sure church organ is cliché, but it´s an adorable cliché. No big deal however, all the work you´ve put into this really paid off!

And all I want from 2009 is a Cutman release ;D

Comicchaser: I could listen to the song in a Quicktime window... Don´t know what´s malfunctioning for you :-\

: Re: February 27th 2009
: Wire February 27, 2009, 04:19:13 PM
Hey dudes, it's great to see that you found your way over here! And thanks a lot for commenting.

The TT link should work, but don't worry, the song is up on our MySpace ( as well now.

The performance overall on this song is not exactly flawless - including my own guitar work - but it's a damn difficult song to play with its four tempo changes and all the different parts.

Basically, the criticism regarding synths was related to attack/release. There's just no such setting on a Casio DM-100 from the 80's ;) (yes, that's what you heard on the old recording). So I found a couple of NNXT samples to play around with in Reason. The one in part 2 was actually called church organ and was also the closest I could find to one.

You know, something I love about this mix, aside from the obvious stuff, are the backing vocals and bridge/chorus melodies that Criss Blackburn from VII Gates did on this song. Kudos to him and all the other 10 people involved in the making of the song.

Edit: No, first time you will hear Dasaten perform on a song will be on the Mega Man cover.

: Re: February 27th 2009
: Linearity February 28, 2009, 01:53:51 PM
I was so excited to see the newsletter in my inbox!

It sounds like the new mix is clearer: the guitar parts have more definition, the bass is more present, and as you said you can hear Criss's singing more clearly. Cool.

I miss Zoid! It's probably mostly my affinity for what I've already heard, but I liked Zoid's playing better. Egg didn't play the cymbal as much in his version of Transylvanian Temptation, so the new drum part sounds empty in comparison. It fits well with the rest of the tune, though, so I'm looking forward to hearing Egg again on Cut Man.

Who was criticizing the synth sounds in the old one? They sounded great!

Keep up the good work, everybody. \m/

: Re: February 27th 2009
: Wire March 01, 2009, 12:42:06 PM
We had to replace the drums to make the mix sound clearer. This is because Zoid's drums were badly mixed when we got them. We also got the separated tracks as a Nuendo project but I'm not sure if it disappeared during a move or if they forgot to actually put it in the mail. Nevermind!  :P
I can imagine it was quite hard to record drums to an already finished song.

Anyway, there's a Youtube video up for the song now: (

Simon in an S/M outfit, LOLZ!
Feel free to spread this one around or to put up your own clips.

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