Music: Yasuaki Fujita, Manami Matsumae, Ogeretsu Kun, Yoshihiro Sakaguchi
Lyrics: Wire

Mining terror, eyes ablaze
Feel the power of insurrection
Robot blisters, metal wounds
Cyborgs heading for war section

Rebellion's pounding from below
Monsteropolis is on fire
Searching snakes and shadow blades
The evil doctor's desire

Dwelling in infernal mine of pain
Shoot and spin like a hurricane
Twist and charge, attacking is in vain
Fatal megalomaniac, he's insane

Boiling steel of man-made flesh
Put an end to the obedience
Oil is staining on their hands
And ahead lies their vengeance

Rusty bodies torn apart
Iron scattered in the night
Desert lies this future scenery
Dead is all the faith of Light


Chorus 2:
Fading blackened smoke where they fell
Silent as if someone's cast a spell
From the ground this evil deadly smell
Cataclysmic clash in the name of hell

Enter annihilation
No turning back
Cataclysmic clash